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Current Turnaround Time: 5-7 Business Days

For any questions, please email the Print Shop.


If your PTA has not completed a registration form for      2023-2024, PLEASE EMAIL THE PRINT SHOP FIRST.     








STEP 1:  Log in and click on the MY ORDERS tab
STEP 2:  Look for a previous order or quote only, click on VIEW to open it
STEP 4:  After the order has been copied, you should be able to edit things on the ticket, like job name, site, acct. number, finish size, date due, etc., including ADD NEW FILE to attach/upload your file.
STEP 5:  click on SAVE, to save your changes, and continue
STEP 6:  The updated page comes up on the screen. Scroll to the bottom and choose whether you want to SUBMIT ORDER or CANCEL ORDER, etc. Then you’re done!
STEP 7:  You will receive an auto-response email that your order has been submitted.





Publication Services / Print Shop

100 Nightmist, Irvine, CA 92618

Hours: 7:00am-3:30pm, Mon.-Fri.
(Closed on weekends and school holidays)

Main Line: (949) 936-8685

Office:   (949) 936-5307 - Justin Clark, Publication Technician
Shop:   (949) 936-5326 - John van Doleweerd, Foreman
Shop:   (949) 936-8463 - Ken Kafton, Lead Press Operator
Email: printshop@iusd.org  


Rev. 2.27.24


When submitting a print order, you will have the option of attaching/uploading a file to be printed. We strongly recommend doing this to speed up the turnaround time and allow you to submit your order remotely from your site/school.  (You will get an error message if your file is too large.) Your document file will automatically be converted to a PDF if possible, if this doesn't work, see note below. Graphic or image files can be uploaded "as is" (png, jpg, tif).

What if you only have a hard copy of your document, or what if you only need updates on a document that the Print Shop already has on-file?  If you need changes on a file that the Print Shop has in-house, select "Graphic Work" on the WebDesk.  You can then either:  1) Mark changes on a sample, scan and save it as a PDF file, and "upload" this file to your job ticket or 2) type the instructions in the comments section on the job ticket. Also, please remember to add a note in the comment section on the WebDesk, if you are sending a hard copy through District mail to show what the changes will be.

Hard Copy Fee? Hard copies will incur a scanning fee of $.10 per page (or $.20 for a 2-sided sheet) beginning May 1st, 2023. Digital files can be created and saved to the order to future use (please specify this request).

Trouble Uploading a file???  If you are having trouble sending a file to the Print Shop, finish submitting your order online, then email your file, along with the new Job # as a reference, to: printshop@iusd.org.

Graphics with a "Bleed"  A "bleed" is when the ink prints all the way up to the edge of the paper. Copiers leave a 1/8" (.125 in.) white margin around all four sides of the paper.   If you would like your design to “bleed,” please set-up your page size 1/8" (.125 in.) LARGER around all four sides, with crop marks if possible. The 1/8"  will be trimmed off to create the bleed effect. Please note: most designs that "bleed" have to be printed on larger paper, and trimmed down. "Bleeds" will almost always incur additional charges (cutting, larger paper, etc.).  Please add a note in "special instructions" that you would like a "bleed cut" to trim off the excess white margins. Contact us, if you have questions.



By registering and using the IUSD Print Shop, you are agreeing that you represent and warrant that you have the lawful right to distribute and reproduce the content you are submitting. You remain solely responsible and liable for your submission.

To learn more about copyright laws visit: https://www.copyright.gov/fair-use/more-info.html






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