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Welcome! to IUSD's Print Shop.

It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality service, at or below our competitor’s prices, in a reasonable amount of time. Our staff can help you produce documents that will better communicate your needs. We offer several types of products and services, as well as free quotes.

NOTE: We have added a Proof required selection button, please indicate if you require a proof before running the job.  Thank you


FYI:  Beginning Oct. 9 and continuing into Nov., our shop will be partly “under construction.”  

We're unsure at this time how it may affect our turnaround times.

Check below for turnaround time updates. 


**NOTE:  (3) Three-hole punching is temporarily not available due to construction.



Quick Copies -- 5-7 business days
Printing Orders -- 5-7 business days

School Directories -- 2+ weeks
Science Lab Manuals -- 2+ weeks

Jobs with comb or coil binding, expect 1-3 days to be added to the turnaround time; for perforating/numbering, 3-4 days will be added.

Special Services Available

  • High speed black and white digital copies
  • Offset printing, up to two colors of ink
  • Color copies
  • Posters/Banners
  • Bindery services
  • Graphic design/typesetting
  • Campus pickup and delivery

STORE ORDERS/Paper Only: If you need "PAPER ONLY" or CALENDARS select from the category "Store Orders.

To order printing, choose either
"Quick Copy" or "Printing Order":

1. QUICK COPY Use this option for copy jobs of 1-1000 copies with black ink only, and inside pages printed on the same color paper. Only options available in "Quick Copy": collating, stapling, and 3-hole punching.

(A Quick Copy is NOT a "RUSH ORDER," it is a less complicated order that does not require special bindery work -- only collating, stapling, 3-hole punch allowed.)

2. PRINTING ORDER Use this option for ALL OTHER jobs including: orders with misc. paper colors (packets), graphic design/typesetting, envelopes, NCR printing (carbon copy forms), jobs with cutting/folding/plastic comb or coil binding, tape binding, etc. This option should also be selected for posters.

NUMBER OF "SETS/COPIES" – is the “quantity” -- the number of copies you want us to print of your order. Also called - "No. of Sets."

NUMBER OF "SHEETS PER SET" is the number of sheets of paper needed to print ONE (1) complete copy of your document. If you have 2 pages printed back-to-back, only 1 SHEET of paper is needed. If you have 4 pages printed back to back, it will require 2 SHEETS.

If you have a folded BOOKLET, count the total number of pages in your book and divide by "4", this will calculate how many Sheets per Set are needed. (i.e.: One (1) sheet in a booklet that is printed 2 sided and folded in half is equal to 4 pages.)

**NOTE** Turnaround time from May to Oct. can be approx. 2 weeks or more due to the large volume of work in-house. Please check at the top of this homepage to see what our current turnaround times are. Plan ahead. Get your orders in early.

For more information on the services offered in the Print Shop, visit our Publication Services booklet.

How to Register to use the WebDesk

STEP 1: "REGISTER" (click on "Log In", then on "Click here to register"). After you have Registered, contact with the budget numbers you would like linked to your account.

>IF YOU FORGET YOUR PASSWORD: First go to the "Log In" screen, then click on "Have you forgotten your password" -- once you put in your email address, it should send you an immediate email with a new password. If this doesn't work, please email and she can re-set your password manually.

STEP 2: "LOG IN," click on NEW ORDER, then decide whether to select "Quick Copy,  "Printing Order,"  or "Store Order."

You will also have the option of attaching/uploading a file to be printed. We strongly recommend doing this to speed up the turnaround time and allow you to submit your order remotely from your site/school.  (You will get an error message if your file is too large.) The program will automatically try to convert your file to a PDF, if this doesn't work, see note below.

UPLOADING FILE TIP: When uploading/attaching files, it's best if you only have (1) period in the file name, before the extension, (i.e., .doc, .pub). Also, try not to put special characters in your filename like quotes, parenthesis, question marks, etc. The only characters acceptable are spaces and underscores. 

What if you only have a hard copy of your document, or what if you only need updates on a document that the Print Shop already has on-file? If you're not sure about it, please call or email Complete the ordering process, print out the Job Ticket, and attach to your hard copy originals. If you have changes, mark them on your sample copy and send via District mail to the Print Shop along with a note referencing the Job Ticket #. Put a note in the comment section that you are sending the originals.

Trouble Uploading a file???  If you need help sending a file to the Print Shop, email



ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS:   To order District curriculum, little folded in half books, and other miscellaneous District curriculum items, check STORE ORDERS first to see if we have the masters in-house. There is also a list below.  To order items, log in, then go to: NEW ORDER / STORE ORDERS to browse through the list and locate the items you need, then add to your cart.

  1. HM Medallion Phonics Library (Original Font)
  2. HM Medallion Phonics Library (Enlarged Font)
  3. HM Medallion Decodable Readers
  4. HMH Journeys Decodables
  5. HMH Journeys Blend It Books
  6. HM Medallion Dictation (Enlarged Font)
  7. HM Readers Library Blackline Masters
  8. HM I Love Reading
  9. HM Theme Skills Tests
  10. VH Tuning Up Computationally
  11. Real Word Chains
  12. VH Math Factswise Flashcards
  13. HM High Frequency Word Grids
  14. Study Sync




Publication Services
100 Nightmist
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 936-5307 - Leslie
(949) 936-8685 - Brenda
(949) 936-5326 - John/Ken 

Hours: 7:00am-3:30pm, Mon.-Fri.
(Closed on school holidays)


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